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About The American Entrepreneur Profiles

You know these people. They're your neighbors and friends. They're salt-of-the-earth folks who put the kids on the bus in the early morning and then work all day at the store, the studio, and even the kitchen table. They follow their dreams, take risks, and build their passion and craft into something remarkable. And maybe they're you.

Meet the American Entrepreneur.

With help from the small business experts at Infusionsoft and Mike Michalowicz, author of "The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur," photojournalists Allana Taranto and Trent Davis of Ars Magna Studio journeyed coast to coast to document how American Entrepreneurs were faring in a struggling economy. What they found was a community of thriving, hard-working small business owners whose innovation, dedication and passion shows us all that the entrepreneurial spirit has and always will form the foundation of economic stability and success in America.

We hope these portraits and interviews will inspire. We hope that they'll teach. From reaching more customers to improving customer service building to community, and embracing new technology, there are endless ways to build sustainable business practices and do more with less as an American Entrepreneur.